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32 DIVERSITYinEd.com I Fall 2015 ISSUE r. Julian Vasquez Heilig is an award-winning researcher and educator. He researches and writes extensively on education and equality in educational policies such as charter schools, vouchers, high- stakes tests and accountability. He is also a prominent critic of Teach For A m e r i c a , a t e a c h e r re c r u i t m e n t program that offers a short training program to new teachers and places them in high-need schools for a tenure of two years. Dr. Vasquez Heilig's work has taken him from Boston to Beijing to his current position as Professor of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies and the Director of the Doctorate in Educational Leadership at California State University, Sacramento. He m a i n t a i n s a v e r y p o p u l a r b l o g , Cloaking Inequity, where he posts news, opinions and pieces from many voices in the education community. In this issue, we are delighted to present a conversation with Dr. Vasquez Heilig, as well as a short piece from one of the young teachers of color whom his work has inspired, Annie Tan, a former TFA corps member who lives and teaches in Chicago. DIVERSITY in Ed: For our readers who are not already familiar with your background, can you give them a bit more information on what started y o u r p a t h t o t h e re s e a rc h a n d advocacy work that drives you today? P r o f e s s o r H e i l i g : I ' v e b e e n involved in educational research for about two decades. I've held positions in school districts and universities alike, and I had access to data that many teachers and parents typically do not have access to. As an employee of the H o u s t o n I n d e p e n d e n t S c h o o l District during former Secretary of Education Rod Paige's tenure as superintendent, I found that much of what I was learning behind the s c e n e s a b o u t t e s t i n g a n d accountability actually troubled me. I felt like the full story about education reform wasn't being told to the c o m m u n i t y, o t h e r e d u c a t o r s o r parents. I f e l t l i k e t h e r e w e r e m a n y conversations we needed to have a b o u t t e s t i n g a n d h i g h - s t a k e s a c c o u n t a b i l i t y t h a t w e r e n ' t happening. I began to wonder about how I might be able to bridge that gap and communicate my learning to the people that needed to hear it most. So, my experience in Houston inspired me to work on my Master's in Sociology, and then my Ph.D. in Education Administration and Policy Analysis at Stanford University. My focus on equity and social justice was formed at Stanford. I worked with Linda Darling-Hammond, and she guided my research that seeks to understand the equity and social justice aspects of different policies that are now very popular in the public discourse — including charter s c h o o l s , t e s t i n g a c c o u n t a b i l i t y, standards, school vouchers. In my current work, I seek to challenge the d o m i n a n t a n d f a l s e c i v i l r i g h t s narratives that are used to support the aforementioned reforms and provide meticulous counter — narrative about education reform in this country. Professor Heilig's work has been cited by the New York Times, Washington Post, Associated Press, USA Today, Education Week, Huffington Post and many other print and digital media outlets. D IN THE SPOTLIGHT Dr. Julian VASQUEZ HEILIG & Annie Tan Uncloaking Inequity Read how the award-winning researcher and educator's popular blog, Cloaking Inequity, inspired a young teacher of color and helped resurrect her career.

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